Private Trainings

Each of my dog training session takes 50-60 minutes. 
I run my trainings from Tuesday to Thursday and every Saturday.
We will meet at the closest park to you or in your home, depending on what behavioural issue you would like to focus on. 
Please, drop me a line, if you just need a piece of advice, I am more than happy to help!


For those “Tough Cookies”

I believe that nothing is impossible, you just need to be consistent and will see the change. Some dogs have more complex behaviour issues, like dog/human reactivity, resource guarding, separation anxiety, etc. Trust me, there is always a solution!



If you’d like to focus on a certain issue

Teaching your dog how to walk nicely on the lead, have a squirell proof recall, not to eat anything outdoor or stop him barking at the door. Teach the basic commands to your pooch, like drop, leave, stay. We can work on his impulse control and created that bond between you two what you always dreamt of. 



Work on the basics

Help you to have the happiest puppy and the healthiest relationship between you two.
Just a few things to work on: toilet training, puppy bites, attention seeking, leadwalk, recall, mental stimulation games. And of course anything else you’d like to focus on, the training is completely tailored to your needs. 
It is the recommended to start the training as early as possible, but don’t worry if your dog is already older than a few months old, it’s never too late for the training. 


Virtual training

Distance is not a problem

Working on your furbaby’s obedience or puppy training online has never been easier. On one end you’ll be working with your pooch and I will guide you through and show everything with my dog from my side.
No behaviour modification online.