Each of my dog training session takes about one hour.
Please, drop me a line, if you just need a piece of advice, I am more than happy to help!

behaviour modification

For those “Tough Cookies”

I believe that nothing is impossible, you just need to be consistent and will see the change. Some dogs have deeper behaviour issues, like dog/human reactivity, resource guarding, separation anxiety, etc. Trust me, there is always a solution!



obedience training

If you’d like to focus on a certain issue

If for example, your dog pulls on the lead, jumps on people, eats rubbish at the park, or just need some advice of how to teach the basic commands, this is the best option for you!



Puppy training

Best welcome package for your new family member

Includes 4 private sessions. During this course, we’ll work on the most important basics, like toilet training, puppy bites, lead walk, leave, jumping, crate training. It also offers the opportunity to tailor any other priorities you may have.