Tips for recall training!


Drop the lead on the floor and let your pooch wonder around – He’ll think he is off the lead, yet you still have the control.


Always use high value treats for recall training.


Most important is your timing!
– Don’t call him if you know that he is too distracted, wait for him to pause (Only if it’s safe of course).
If you use his name at the wrong time and too often, he’ll only learn to ignore it.


Say his name loud and confident, but only once.
– Go and grab the lead if he didn’t come back after you called.


Don’t ask him anything else once he came back to you.
– Give him a treat right away (If you ask him to sit before rewarding, he’ll think he gets it for the ‘Sit’ cue, but never been rewarded for coming back).


Never walk towards him.
– He’ll think it’s a game and you are about to chase him.
– Walk away whilst calling and create excitement.
– He’ll run after you as that is more fun than other things.