My Dream Came True

I am 29 years old and my passion for dogs started when I got my dog, Sophie, from the rescue centre, in 2011. Ever since that day, my goal is to help and train dogs on anyway I can possibly do. She was always a weak dog with several health issues. For this reason, I got experience in healing, natural remedies, allergies.

I trained her for obedience with a result of 96% on the final exam. We were doing agility together for a year, but unfortunately due to her medical issues with her knees, we had to stop our promising career of sports. Despite all this difficulty, she became the love of my life.

Before I met Sophie, I didn’t know what is the purpose of my life, but with the love she gave me (the love only a dog can give us) made me realize, my mission for life is dogs. Had no idea how to start, but I was sure it’s got to be something with dogs.

A different approach

I started to professionally work with dogs in 2018, when destiny set me up with Adrienn, who needed some help with her dog walking business. We instantly started to work together and ever since I never stopped educating myself about dogs behaviour.

After this amazing experience with Adrienn – Which I always will be grateful for – I started to go on my own way and focus on dog training and  behaviour modification.

I successfully completed The Glen Stanford Dog Psychology Course, where I’ve got my Canine Psychology and Behaviour Management Diploma in 2018.