Evelin's journey to become a

Professional Dog Trainer

How a dream came true

Evelin’s passion for dogs started when she has got her first dog, Sophie, from the rescue centre, in 2011. Sophie was always a weak dog with several health issues and anxiety. Thanks to Sophie, she gained experience in natural remedies, allergies and dog training.

‘Before I met Sophie, I didn’t know what I would like to become when I grow up. But with the unconditional love she gave me, she made me realize that my mission for life is dogs. Had no idea how to start, but I was sure it’s got to be something with dogs.’

About Evelin’s approach

She started to professionally work with dogs in 2018, when destiny set her up with Adrienn. Adrienn needed some help with her dog walking business and they worked together for 2 years.

‘After this amazing experience with Adrienn – Which I always will be grateful for – I started to go on my own way and focus on dog training and  behaviour modification.’

She completed The Glen Stanford Dog Psychology Course, where she’ve got her Canine Psychology and Behaviour Management Diploma in 2018.

Thanks to all the self education, slowly her own style of dog training has been formed. It is a  positive reinforcement training method, but always keeping in mind of the importance of  disciplines and boundries. As she believes that is the only one way of gaining our dog’s ultimate respect.
Evelin focuses a lot on mental stimulation games and impulse control exercises for the dogs.

From the combination of all these – and of course a lot of affection –  you can create the bond with your dog what you always dreamt of.

Dog A.I.D.

In 2021 Evelin started to work together with Dog A.I.D. to help disabled people to train their own pet dogs to become a fully certified assistant dogs.