Welcome! You are in the perfect place if you are looking for somebody who will understand what is going on inside your dog’s mind. As a professional dog trainer & behaviourist, I am more than happy to show you the way to communicate to your dog. It may seem super difficult at first, but let me tell you it is the simplest thing ever. The only secret is consistency. If you are committed there is nothing that can stop us with your dog’s training.
Every dog has a different character, while some techniques work with one dog, may not work with another. I can surely promise you one thing: I will never say that it is not possible.

I will do everything to fix your dog’s behaviour issue!



I offer every options if it comes to training. If you are not sure which service you need, just drop me a line.




  • Evelin has been an absolute god send. My partner and I were new dog owners and struggling with a very intelligent cockapoo puppy who had us wrapped round his little finger! Evelin came to us via a recommendation from another local dog owner and in 5 weeks has transformed our lives. Our puppy Otis was having difficulty settling at night. After weeks of sleepless nights, and waking up to some very unpleasant surprises, we were at our wits end. It hasn’t been easy but Evelin has helped us find a solution that is working brilliantly. She’s so supportive, gave us hope and was always available if we needed advice outside of our sessions. In the long term we want a dog who is happy and content but who respects us and is well behaved. Evelin is helping us to achieve exactly that. She’s firm when she needs to be, clear, calm and very patient with confused owners who have a hundred questions! And, probably most importantly, Otis absolutely adores her. I really can’t recommend Evelin more highly.


  • Evelin has been helping us train our dog, Max, who’s a rescued former street dog. Our training has a particular focus on helping him to overcome his reactivity to motorbikes. After initially thinking it was him wanting to chase them, Evelin helped us discover that the poor boy is actually really scared of bikes. Evelin is going above and beyond to help him (and us), with lots of research and even enrolling in an online course to learn new techniques to help him. She’s also given us lots of tips to work on for setting better boundaries, developing our bond with Max and encouraging calm behaviour out of our hyperactive pup. Max is definitely a challenge, but Evelin is always positive and optimistic, even on his ‘not so good’ days, and she is possibly the most patient person we’ve ever met. On top of this, Evelin also walks Max once a week. His face lights up when she arrives and we’re pretty sure he prefers her to us. The photo and video updates Evelin sends us during their walks are lovely and always show him having a great time. If you’re looking for a trainer who’s as dedicated to your pet as you are (possibly even more so), look no further!


  • We met Evelin to train our 4 yo frenchie Maurice who was starting to show some behavioural issues and we are soooo happy we the results. Evelin is really nice, we started with a phone call to discuss what we were looking for with the training, after the call we organised our first session in a park where we learnt so much!!

    In only few session Maurice (and Us!!) has learn a lot and improved. Evelin really has so much valuable knowledge, she is a fantastic trainer. After the session she also sent us a really detailed email recap of the session with exercises, tips and treat receipt.
    I can only recommend her!!


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